International courier service

We are one of the most reliable courier companies in Norway. It is backed by a dynamic team of well-trained staffs,


International courier service

We are one of the most reliable courier companies in Norway. It is backed by a dynamic team of well-trained staffs, who are prompt and devoted to providing their best to the company. We ship almost everything that you want to send to most of the places in Europe with our extended cargo services.

Our courier services are not limited within the country we are operating from. We have broadened our wings for becoming one of the most well-known names for commercial courier service in Norway and most parts of Europe, for providing an entire shipping solution.

Singh transport is connected by road transportation services to the places which it covers under the wings to tackle on-time delivery challenges. In fact, we justify the fact that International ground transportation services can be offered in a comprehensive, flexible, yet economical way.

We have a process to take pride on

We are just proud of ourselves, and why not? Our network promises our customers to have safe and timely courier services within the affordable economy and unthinkable prompt services. With our international priority protocol, each of the parcels you send through our cargo shipping services is tracked directly from the time of pick up till the delivery, by our most effective tracking system, which can monitor the real-time status of the shipment of every stage.

Though our story started with a small courier company, we vision for the broader part, and that was not to just build a business but to build a reliable and close knot with our customers. We understand that there is some level of stresses involved while moving something to other places without professional effects. That is why we offer competitive rates for our courier services Oslo, to keep it reasonable for every individual and of course to grab every prospect to work with you.

We don’t want you to have a delayed parcel experience

Many times parcels get delivered lately due to problems regarding the packaging, labelling or wrong addresses. But it is always better to take a precaution, rather than going for a cure. Thus, we want to keep our clients updated about how to make their packaging upright and as per the courier standard, to ignore any reason of getting delayed. We have delivered thousands of shipments at our transport company, Norway, and that’s too in perfect condition. If you expect your courier to reach safely and on time, we want you to be aware of how to pack your parcel.
  • Don’t ignore any fragile thing that is too delicate to get broken. Recheck your packaging more than just once before handing it over to our courier services executive.
  • It is always suggested to mark the fragile items differently to reduce the possibility of getting damaged during logistic transportation services.
  • Proper packaging, labelling and other documentation and other details like size and the weight of the parcel ensure hassle-free shipping services to other countries. Make sure that your package is one of them.
Our commitment to excellence is what makes us a trustworthy and professional international courier service, for the countries we work in.


Safety, security, and sustainability are the paramount determinants of Singh Transport. We execute all our supply chain solutions with assurance to stay compliant to international standards and norms at all stages of our operations.



With a mission of providing logistics and warehousing excellence and enduring business success, we deliver fast delivery and express services for ease and convenience of our customers across the globe.



In the fast-track world, we offer round-the-clock support to our clients with a view to put to all their queries, doubts, and enquiries at rest with fast and personalized assistance. Moreover, we believe in winning and retaining customers with timely deliveries.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Starting from the point of origin to the point of destination, we take care of all the logistic needs including warehousing, transportation, packaging, distribution and storage across all industry verticals with high standards of operational efficiency.