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We know that there is time when you look for ideal setting to store your products, being free from any stress or hassle. We are among the most reliable warehousing and logistics companies, who can save your time in no time.


warehousing and logistics services

We know that there is time when you look for ideal setting to store your products, being free from any stress or hassle. We are among the most reliable warehousing and logistics companies, who can save your time in no time, by consolidating the most versatile and reputable warehousing services at many places and of course wherever you want.

Whether you want to accelerate or enhance your picking experience or want to have a better supply chain performance for your customers, the warehouse solutions from Singh Transport AS shows yon how you can do all at once. We believe in keeping things organized and trackable with the product, batch or serial numbers. Thus, whatever you store is a right click away.

We take care of all the details so that you can store, all the merchandize with complete peace of mind. Thus, you don’t need to recall the glance of the location, where you stored your products, if you are not really excited to do that. Apart from our own warehouses, we have tied up with the most efficient warehouse partners in many countries of the world as 3PL storage services. They maintain different kind of environments including freezer warehouses, hazmat warehouses and of course dry warehouses.

Discover our bonded freight warehousing solutions

Whether you are storing something from your excess production, or may be saving materials for using in the future projects, moving items between different places or something else, we tailor our services according to your need and safety requirements. Understanding the requirements of our clients have helped us a lot in strategic planning and designing our warehouse in Norway scientifically for optimal efficiency of the services we promise to them.

We focused to handle higher volume yet smooth and superlative storage system, which can keep every element safe and natural while being stored. We have cultivated modern and innovative ideas for upkeeping the freshness of the materials they are about to reach to consumers, coming in direct contact with the floor.

What you can expect when at Singh Transport AS storage services?

Well, we don’t act cheapskate when we have the opportunity to about ourselves. It is not about an individual but the entire team at Singh Transport AS who has been working with the same goal and that is to create long lasting relationships with our clients.

We make sure that all the warehouses service provider that we suggest, have adequate ventilation and are must equipped with exhaust fans, turbo ventilators and more precisely with proper air circulation. Adequate lighting and the safety norms that we follow for all the warehouses we have to offer, make our storage facility to be talked with the biggest names of the spectrum.

Storage services from Singh transport AS also help you to optimize the logistic processes. The warehouse management at Singh transport AS begins where greatest potential lies. We optimize the process to suit perfectly for your business or use. We have several picking and support technologies that can make your picking experience 99% accurate.

Thus, if you want to take your storing and picking experience to the next level, we have all the solutions for it.



Safety, security, and sustainability are the paramount determinants of Singh Transport. We execute all our supply chain solutions with assurance to stay compliant to international standards and norms at all stages of our operations.



With a mission of providing logistics and warehousing excellence and enduring business success, we deliver fast delivery and express services for ease and convenience of our customers across the globe.



In the fast-track world, we offer round-the-clock support to our clients with a view to put to all their queries, doubts, and enquiries at rest with fast and personalized assistance. Moreover, we believe in winning and retaining customers with timely deliveries.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Starting from the point of origin to the point of destination, we take care of all the logistic needs including warehousing, transportation, packaging, distribution and storage across all industry verticals with high standards of operational efficiency.